The Greek government has introduced two changes which cut harbour dues

Following months of controversy regarding the new Greek circulation tax, the Greek government has introduced two changes which cut harbour dues, the Cruising Association has revealed.

Until August 1 harbour dues in Greece were collected by the Hellenic Coast Guard, colloquially known as Port Police or PP. Fees comprised an entry charge (paid per visit) and a berthing charge, payable from midnight to midnight for each day the boat was in port. They were charged per metre LOA, plus VAT.

The changes introduced mean the entry fees are no longer payable. Secondly, berthing fees will now be collected by the municipal or local authority (Limeniko Tameo) responsible for managing the quay. Advance payments for a month or more will earn discounts.

Marina fees, which broadly seem to include any quays or pontoons privately managed, will be collected as before, by the marina operator.

‘The old system was very unpopular’

Jim Baerselman from the CA said: ‘The old system of hunting down a port police office hidden in some
tiny back street was very unpopular, both with the port police, and for visitors. The net result was that large numbers of cruising folk just didn’t pay, and there has been very limited investment in quayside

‘Dropping the entry fee is welcome. And if collection agents now come to the boat, far more people will happily pay harbour dues. Genuine agents will offer a tax receipt.

‘From now on, visits to the port police will be only be required (1) on entering the country, or (2) once a year after that to have your DEKPA or transit log (Greek cruising papers) checked for the new Circulation tax (TPP) payments.

‘This is the controversial tax which came into force in January this year but there is still no indication if or when TPP collection will start.’

The CA has been given a detailed schedule of the local authority fees payable:

1. Arrival dues = zero

 In the past, those dues varied from 0,02 euro to 0,30 euro per metre, depending on the type of boat, and  were payable each time a boat came into the harbour

2. Berth-mooring dues (stern to or bows to the quay)

  a. Private “small” boats, i.e. boats of LOA up to 7m = 0,03 euro per day per metre

  b. Private pleasure boats/yachts

  • of LOA fm 7,01m to 10m = 0,41 euro per day per metre
  • of LOA fm 10,01m to 15m  = 0,47 euro per day per metre
  • of LOA over 15,01m  = 0,55 euro per day per metre

  c. Traditional boats/yachts (private or commercial, irrespective of LOA) = 0,08 euro per day per metre

  d. Commercial (charter) boats, LOA (irrespective of LOA) = 0,20 euro per day per metre

  e. Commercial boats/ships (of any type/LOA engaged in daily-cruise/excursion – art. 12 L.4256/2014) = 0,08 euro per day per metre

3. Alongside berthing is subject to 25% surcharge

4. The dues mentioned in para 2 and para 3 are subject to discount:

  • 20% if paid in advance for 1 month
  • 30% if paid in advance for 6 months
  • 40% if paid in advance for 1 year

5. Laid-up vessels (special berthing dues for 1 year, payable by 1st March)

  Private “small” boats, i.e. boats of LOA up to 7m = 70 euro

  All other = 280 euro

6. All the dues mentioned above a) have to be collected by the Limeniko Tameo, not the Port Police and b) are subject to VAT

7. Boats/yachts participating in a race are exempted from the payment of the dues during the race.