Owners of boats with a Belling gas hob installed after May 2019 are being urged to stop using them and to disconnect the gas supply due to a fault with the gas supply elbow joint

Belling gas hobs which were installed on boats after May 2019 need to be disconnected immediately due to a serious issue with the gas supply elbow joint.

Belling has issued an urgent safety notice due to the risk to health.

The firm said the elbow on the connecting pipework of affected gas hobs can fail resulting in a significant gas leak, regardless of whether the hob is switched on and in use. The product is not in conformity with the requirements of Regulation 2016/426.

Hazards resulting from a gas leak include burns, fire and explosion and poisoning from inhalation.

The affected models are:

444410131 BEL GHU602GC Sta

444410132 BEL GTG60C Blk

444410133 BEL GHU75C Sta

444410134 BEL GTG75C Blk

444410193 ST GTG60C Blk

444410443 BEL GHU602C LPG Sta

444410444 BEL GTG600C LPG Blk

444410446 BEL GHU75C LPG Sta

444410447 BEL GTG75C LPG Blk

444411638 BEL GHU753RI STA

Anyone who had an affected model needs to have it urgently inspected and modified, with a replacement elbow pipe. This will be carried out free of charge.

All modifications much be carried out by a registered gas safety engineer.

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Anyone with one of the affected Belling gas hobs should contact Belling direct at: Email: contactus@belling.co.uk/034 3212 1088

Details of the Product Safety Report from the Office of Product Safety & Standards can be viewed here.

Further information is also available in the Belling Safety Notice, which can be viewed here.

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