Lifos’ latest lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is a 72Ah unit intended to provide similar usable capacity to a 130Ah lead acid battery, yet it’s one-third the size and just a quarter of the weight.


LiFePO4 batteries are cobalt free and don’t have the high fire risk associated with straight lithium-ion batteries, so are the chemistry recommended for use afloat.

Nevertheless, it’s important to recognise they’re often not a direct drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries.

The Lifos Go 72 has Bluetooth connectivity, enabling data including current, voltage, power (W) and state of charge to be monitored on an Android or iOS device.

There’s also a low charge state warning, plus an on/off button that switches off the Battery Management System (BMS) to prevent discharge when it’s not in use.

Up to four units can be connected to form a larger battery bank, with each battery’s internal BMS ensuring all cells are balanced.

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The battery is rated for 2,750 cycles at 90% depth of discharge, increasing to 3,500 cycles at 75% depth of discharge.

Long-term costs therefore have the potential to be significantly lower than for deep-discharge lead-acid batteries.

Lifos Go 72 Specifications

Nominal voltage: 12.8v
Nominal capacity: 72Ah
Energy: 921.6Wh
Resistance: <10mΩ
Efficiency: >90%
Dimensions (inc. terminals): 299.6 x 179 x 188mm
Weight: 10.4kg
Waterproofing: IP65
Recommended charge current: 15A – 20A
Maximum charge current: 70A
Recommended charge voltage: 14.4v – 14.6v
Max continuous discharge current: <80A
Peak discharge current: 210A (6 seconds)
Discharge temperature: -20~60ºC
Charge temperature: 0~50ºC
Storage temperature: -20~40ºC
Warranty: Five years
Price: £699