Rupert Holmes

Rupert Holmes

Rupert Holmes has some 85,000 miles of offshore cruising and racing experience in waters ranging from the Norwegian fjords to the Southern Ocean, plus the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

As well as racing two-handed across the Atlantic, around Britain and Ireland, and to the Azores and back, he has cruised from New Zealand to South America and the Falklands, via Cape Horn.

He lives on the west coast of France, continues to sail extensively in north European and Atlantic waters and also has a 30ft cruising yacht in the Aegean.

A yacht, made out of plywood, sailing with a blue hull and green and white sails

A wonder material in the 1950s and 1960s, plywood is making a comeback. Rupert Holmes analyses what lies behind a new wave of plywood boats

SailTies app

Rupert Holmes tests the personal sailing log app, SailTies, which records passages, collates photos you take while en route and allows collaboration with other crew, groups and yacht clubs

A woman on a boat shorthanded sailing

Many sailors sail shorthanded much of the time, and it can prove a challenge. Rupert Holmes has some tips and techniques to help inspire confidence

A mast step on a yacht which is curving, and not supporting the mast

Rupert Holmes repairs a compressed water-damaged mast step – a common problem for boats with a deck-stepped mast - and saves £700

A boat being sailed through a storm

One crew's brisk breeze and exciting sail can be another's gale, even if sailing similar boats. So what makes the difference? Rupert Holmes outlines techniques that experienced skippers use to…

A boat sailing in strong winds out at sea

Rupert Holmes has sailed more than 85,000 miles, including the Southern Ocean. He shares his tips for sailing in strong winds

A boat motoring after suffering a dismasting

Faced with a sudden dismasting in 40-knot gusts, Rupert Holmes explains how he and his crew saved his boat, and offers advice for simple safety checks you can make to…

A stainless steel bowsprit on a boat

Nearly every new boat has a bowsprit, but what about older yachts? Rupert Holmes looks at what is available on the market for owners of older vessels

A boat covered in green mould

How do you distinguish a real bargain boat from one that’s not worth restoring, even if it’s free? Rupert Holmes has some sage advice

Rupert Holmes describes the course of action he pursued – and the lessons learned – when storm conditions threatened to cause damage to his moored boat