The magnetic boat torch that lets you see into enginerooms, bilges and lockers – and also doubles as a cabin light

Lockers, bilges and engine compartments are gloomy places, but a great deal of time is spent looking inside them. Instead of poking around and straining your eyes, keep an inspection torch on board such as the Luceco LED torch from Screwfix.

I’ve had this since day one of owning Maximus and it’s been fantastic.

The Luceco LED inspection torch is great for boats

Boat torch for the engineroom

I’ve used it for locating seacocks, viewing the engine, lighting up the dark forepeak and illuminating the backs of electrical devices, such as the old Sailor radio.

One evening, it also provided enough light for me to work late into the night when hoovering-up the black degraded glue of the headlining, which was raining down.

What I didn’t realise, until we spent our first night on Maximus, without any electrics, was just how useful this would be as a makeshift cabin light. No other boat torches were required for the 28ft yacht. 

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Boat torch for cabin lighting

We could read and eat our dinner by it, and this was with the torch on its dimmest setting. It lasted all evening and had a battery indicator to show when it was running out.

I recharge it at home or in the car once a week if using it for jobs, and daily if using it as a stand-in cabin light. It comes with two hooks – which I sometimes hang on the shelves – and has strong magnetic bases so could also be used to attach to the inside of a car boot or steel hull.