We get scrubbing to find out what effect a variety of teak cleaners have on the woodwork of a Sigma 38 moored on the River Itchen


Boracol 5rh/10Y

PRICE: £30 (5lt)
Contact: www.acslimited.co.uk
Recommended by Hallberg-Rassy among others, Boracol differs from the other products in that it’s a biocide and wood preserver rather than a teak cleaner. It works by killing off the mould and algae that lives in the wood, allowing the teak to maintain its own protective silver-grey layer once the organisms in the wood have died off. You paint a coat onto damp teak, wait until it’s nearly dry and paint on another coat. This is then left for some days, ideally with a little rain, whereupon the wood will turn a uniform silver-grey. We applied it as directed and left it. After 10 days the wood had already started to look better, having lost the growth that had previously made it slippery and dirty. We will be publishing a test of teak sealers and coatings in the November 2016 issue, and will also update the results of this trial.


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  2. 2. BoatLife Teak Cleaner Powder
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  4. 4. Starbrite Teak Brightener 16ozPRICE: £11.47 (500ml)
  5. 5. Wessex Teak Cleaner & Renovator
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  10. 10. 30% bleach solution
  11. 11. Boracol 5rh/10Y
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