The first images of the new Astus 26.5 have been released. The yacht will be available towards the end of 2024

Astus is known for its small, sporty and fun trimarans, and their latest- the Astus 26.5 – looks like it will continue the trend.

The French boat builder has collaborated with naval architects VPLP on their last four designs, with the 26.5 being the fifth.

The Astus 26.5 has the trademark modern, sporty lines, with a planing tulip-shaped hull which creates extra living space, deflects sea spray and makes it comfortable to sail.

A drawing of an Astus 26.5

The Astus 26.5 is aimed at coastal cruisers

Large volume, inverted stem floats also makes the multihull stable.

Like all of the Astus range, the 26.5 is trailable, with a specially adapted trailer and floats on telescopic tubes, allowing the boat to be launched anywhere.

It is also easy to rig with a lifting centreboard on the central hull, allowing it to be sailed in shallower water.

A drawing of a trimaran boat

High coamings will provide good protection when under sail

Built using Astus’ resin infusion process, which makes the boat stiff and light, the 26.5 weighs just 1,050kg.

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Down below, there is a forward cabin that can be separated with its own heads, as well as a galley and icebox.

The cockpit has coamings, making crew feel secure.

A drawing of a Astus 26.5

The 26.5 will be the biggest trimaran in the Astus range

It will be offered in three versions:

  • Leisure version
  • Cruising version
  • Sport version

The first hull of the Astus 26.5 is scheduled to be unveiled in summer 2024, before going on sale from September 2024.

Astus 26.5 specifications

Hull length: 7.9 m
Unfolded beam: 5.8 m
Folded width: 2.99 m (on the water) or 2.52 m (road gauge)
Weight: 1050kg
Sail area: Leisure version: mainsail: 25 m2 / jib: 11 m2 / gennaker 30 m2
Sport version: Main: 28 m2 / Jib: 13 m2 / Gennaker: 34 m2
RCD: Category C with 5 persons, D with 7 people.
Maximum engine: 10 hp
Price: € 90,000 including tax (with mainsail and jib).
Builder: Astus Boats

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