Captain Eric Forsyth sailed more than 320,000 miles during his life, most of them on board his Westsail 42, Fiona. Credit: Forsyth Family

Blue Water Medal winner Captain Eric Forsyth, who circumnavigated the world twice, and rounded Cape Horn four times in his yacht, Fiona, has died

A mast step on a yacht which is curving, and not supporting the mast

Rupert Holmes repairs a compressed water-damaged mast step – a common problem for boats with a deck-stepped mast - and saves £700

83 Whitbread Race veterans, representing 38 Whitbread yachts, took part in the reunion. Credit: Katy Stickland

Whitbread Race veterans, including Tracy Edwards and Sir Chay Blyth, have met at the Ocean Globe Race village in Southampton ahead of the start of the retro round the world…

The remains of a dinghy after a fire on board a yacht

The owner of a dinghy that caught fire while it was being stored onboard his yacht, is warning others to check cabin soles are kept clear of grease or oil

A boat being sailed through a storm

One crew's brisk breeze and exciting sail can be another's gale, even if sailing similar boats. So what makes the difference? Rupert Holmes outlines techniques that experienced skippers use to…

A boat sailing

Correct rig tension will maximise the efficiency of your boat’s sails as well as reducing stresses on the mast. David Pugh demonstrates simple rig tuning

A boat sailing in strong winds out at sea

Rupert Holmes has sailed more than 85,000 miles, including the Southern Ocean. He shares his tips for sailing in strong winds

A boat motoring after suffering a dismasting

Faced with a sudden dismasting in 40-knot gusts, Rupert Holmes explains how he and his crew saved his boat, and offers advice for simple safety checks you can make to…