Whether your boat is lifted out or afloat over the winter, our expert tips will ensure your vessel remains safe

PBO experts offer their top tips for winterising a boat, helping to keep your vessel and gear in good condition over the colder months

The front cover of the July 2023 issue of Practical Boat Owner

Silicone antifouling: find out the result of our real world test, Keel design and how it affects performance, Petrol vs electric outboards – we put the engines through their paces,…

Antifouling PPE

Ben Meakins discovers the importance of wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when antifouling a hull – and issues some propitious advice

Osmosis repair

Even the worst cases of osmosis can be professionally treated, and while the process is expensive and time consuming, it will revive the boat and restore its value. Jake Kavanagh…