As part of their wider DIY Safe Antifouling Initiative, the British Coatings Federation (BCF) have launched a new video ‘Antifouling Your Boat Safely’ which features important health and safety advice and practical hints and tips for people who paint their own boats with antifouling paint.

The eight-minute video takes viewers through the antifouling process step-by-step, from preparation through to clean up, highlighting best practice approaches to ensuring personal safety as well as protecting the environment.

The video was prepared for the BCF’s Marine Coatings Group (MCG), which is made up of antifouling paint manufacturers and suppliers who want to make sure that their products continue to be used safely by the public.

The DIY Safe Antifouling Initiative was launched by the BCF at the London Boat Show in January 2017 and includes a range of freely-available resources for reference and display, including a poster, trifold, and a 16-page guidance document.

Tom Bowtell, BCF’s chief executive, said: ‘Our video ‘Antifouling Your Boat Safely’ is a fantastic resource for DIY users of antifouling paints, and we encourage all DIY antifouling paint enthusiasts to take a look at it.

‘The video completes the set of resources that are all publicly available on our website and will be showcased at boat yards across the country to promote best practice when it comes to handling and applying antifouling paints.’

Economise when antifouling

Economise when antifouling

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