We test the Seagull IV X-1 filter as part of a test of 9 ways to improve the taste of your boat's tank water

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Seagull IV X-1


Seagull IV X-1

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Replacement canister: £72
WATER *****  TEA *****
The Seagull IV has a large stainless-steel pressure vessel, and is recommended for liveaboards and high-volume users – it comes in a variety of sizes. It had a high flow rate and, along with its sister product the Nature Pure QCII, scored top marks for taste and aftertaste, beating the tap water in our blind taste test. It avoided the ‘flat’ taste imparted by the charcoal filters, and the tap provided seemed to aerate the water to some extent, improving the taste. The Seagull uses the ‘structured matrix’ filter as on the Nature Pure model, and installation is recommended with a separate tap so that you can use straight tank water for cooking and cleaning purposes and thus prolong the life of the filter. Size: from 137x105cm.

We tested The Seagull IV X-1 filter as part of a test of 9 water tank treatments, which you can read here