We test the Nature Pure QCII water filter as part of a test of 9 ways to improve the taste of your boat's tank water

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Nature Pure QCII

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£225.00 ((price from))

WATER *****  TEA *****
Along with the Seagull, this filter scored highest in our tests, above the tap water. It scored top marks on the flavour, odour and aftertaste tests, coming out with a better score than the Poole tap water. It avoided the ‘flat’ taste given by the activated carbon filters, and was on a par with the mineral water from our office water cooler. It uses a ‘structured matrix’ filter, claimed to stop bacteria and viruses through ultrafine microstraining, broad spectrum molecular capture and electrostatic removal. This system is an excellent one and quite feasible to fit on most small boats with pressurised water systems. Size: 228x76mm.
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We tested the Nature Pure QCII system as part of a test of 9 water tank treatments, which you can read here