Nick Vass tests Silky Cream Cleaner to find out if it is the best fender cleaner he has ever used

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The best fender cleaner? We put the Silky Cream Cleaner to the test
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The best fender cleaner? We put the Silky Cream Cleaner to the test

It’s that time of year again! Time to clean our absolutely filthy fenders, fender step and tenders which get covered in black marks from those rubber pontoon docks.

I heard of Silky Cream Cleaner from a caravaner friend as it is a secret weapon used to clean white plastic bits and bobs without scratching.

A man using the best fender cleaner, the Silky Cream Cleaner

Silky Cream Cleaner also removes black marks. Before (pictured above). Credit: Nick Vass

Silky is appearing in more and more chandlery shops but I bought mine from Go Outdoors in Southampton for about £7.00.

Mine has lasted for years though.

A fender for a boat

…and after. Credit: Nick Vass

Unlike that bathroom cream cleaner that sounds like a disease Silky Cream Cleaner is non-abrasive, does not contain bleach and won’t damage soft or shiny surfaces and so safe on gelcoat and lacquered aluminium hatch frames and our funky toerails.

We use it to remove the inevitable black trainer skid marks of the deck and handlebar devastation left whenever we get the folding bikes out of the cockpit locker.

A man testing the silky cream cleaner to see if it is the best fender cleaner

Silky Cream Cleaner needs to be applied with a damp soft cloth. Credit: Nick Vass

I also use it to clean our white plastic Jabsco toilet pump without scratching.

Silky Cream contains white Sinsulack paste which fills in UV degradation crazing on the coachroof but it does stain black plastic white I have found.

A dirty tender boat on a slipway

Nick’s tender before applying Silky Cream Cleaner. Credit: Nick Vass

Although versatile, cleaning PVC fenders is something that Silky does best and I haven’t found another product that cleans our mucky fenders any better.

An abrasive cream would scratch meaning that dirt will stick even faster next time.

a tender after being cleaned with Silky Cream Cleaner during a test to find the best fender cleaner

The results speak for themselves. Nick’s tender after application. Credit: Nick Vass

Silky Cream works brilliantly on our Walker Bay plastic tender and instantly cleans the HDPE hull and the tubes as well as our PVC inflatable that lives in the cockpit locker.

Using a damp soft cloth dabbed into the tub it effortlessly wipes away the grime leaving a silky sheen that is anti-static according to the instructions on the side.

White fenders on a table

Nick has not found a better fender cleaner. Credit: Nick Vass

Made in the UK too.

RRP Price: £7.49

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