No more free healthcare for UK citizens visiting the Channel Islands from 31 March

Yachtsmen visiting the Channel Islands must ensure they have adequate travel insurance from 1 April.

The recommendation comes from the Department of Health as the healthcare arrangements for UK visitors to the Islands are due to change.

The current agreement, which allowed UK travellers to get a limited number of medical treatments in the Channel Islands free of charge, will end on March 31.

Anyone travelling to Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark and Herm, will be required to pay for medical treatment should they become ill or injured there after this date.

Visitors from the Channel Islands to the UK will also now be liable for charges for medical treatment when visiting the UK, so they should also have health insurance cover.

The Channel Islands are a popular destination for many who sail. In 2007 there were 21,070 visiting yachtsmen to Jersey alone.

For more information phone the Department of Health Customer Service Centre, tel: 0207 210 4850 or e-mailing