It is a writer’s unique privilege to be able to publish his own obituary, but this page represents the ‘last rites’ of the Liveaboards’ corner of the PBO website. It is the contented demise of a body which has run continuously for 20 months, covering two down and back trips to The Med via West France, Biscay and the canals. Along the way, it has been a pleasure to report our travels and adventures.

As our ultima verba, we should both like to say ‘thank you’ to all the crews who have visited the boat and to those who have emailed us with questions, comments and requests for supplementary information on the route and equipment which comprised all the ups and downs of cruising. Both, in their own way, pleasurable.

The current major ‘down’ is the laying to rest of our long serving BMC 2.2 diesel and the many costs and complications of sourcing and replacing a suitable engine and a large fuel tank.

These events have certainly taught us a lot about ourselves, about serious seagoing and about retro-fitting. From our list of possible replacement engines and from many hours of research, question and answer, we have finally ordered the new beastie. The practicality and reasons for this choice (plus the alternatives which might apply to other boats) will appear – in all its labour and financial glory – in a couple of Spring instalments of Liveaboards Diary.

In the meantime, when anybody asks us which engine we have chosen, we reply ‘ a red one.’ However, if anybody is seriously considering a refit before the Spring and feels that we might be able to help, we are always willing to talk about it via the email address below.

Please use midicruise2001@aol.com to stay in touch.

Next season, Abemama – new engine and all- will be spending the inclusive months of May to August cruising from Brixham/Dartmouth to West and South Brittany, down as far as the Ile d’Yeu. If any PBO readers are travelling the same route, a crossing in company, or a bbq in The Morbihan and a fishing trip in the Glenans, sounds pretty good to us. We look forward to meeting you.

Colin & Rita Jones, Lyme Regis.