Faint Mayday on VHF enabled quick rescue by passing ferry

Dover Coastguard coordinated a succesful Search and Rescue late on Sunday night after receiving a very faint Mayday on VHF.

Two Swedish yachtsmen were about to take to the liferaft about 55 miles north-east of the port, when the call was made.

The yacht’s position was plotted using radar and AIS and the Ro-Ro vessel Louise Russ that operates from Tilbury to Rotterdam, was requested to attend the scene. The ferry spotted a flare and rescued the men from their liferaft. The yacht, Atlanta was low in the water and is now presumed lost.

Ted Ingham, Watch Manager, Dover Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, praised the coordinated effort with Thames Coastguard, adding, ‘The two casualties are safe and well and did not need any medical attention.’