Pete Goss MBE will be displaying his 37ft Cornish Lugger at Plymouth festival

Yachtsman and adventurer Pete Goss MBE, has announced that his Cornish Lugger, the ‘Spirit of Mystery’, will be on show at Plymouth’s Sutton Harbour Festival.

The Festival appearance is part of the build-up to Goss’s latest challenge. He is planning to re-trace an epic voyage made over 150 years ago by seven Cornishmen who sailed a 37ft lugger, the ‘Mystery’, from Cornwall to Australia. He plans to re-enact the voyage in a boat as similar to the original as possible, aptly named the ‘Spirit of Mystery’. He will use no engine and navigate using only the sun and stars

The Sutton Harbour Festival runs from 26 July to 3 August and encompasses the Sutton Harbour Plymouth Classic Boat Rally and the Port of Plymouth Regatta, featuring classic boats and a range of entertainment on and off the water.

Pete commented: “The Sutton Harbour Festival is a great event for Plymouth and I am delighted to be a part of it. The Spirit of Mystery will feel right at home amongst the other classic boats and it will be a great opportunity for people to see the boat and learn about our plans for the voyage.”

Festival organiser David Larmour added: “We are thrilled that the Spirit of Mystery will be with us in Sutton Harbour. She is a great addition to the Festival and will be a major attraction.”

For further details of the event please visit, or call the event organizer, AHA Events Ltd, on 01752 830366.

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