Relatives appeal for help from boaters to locate Sharon Went Alleyne and Arthur Alleyne


family of a missing yachting couple are appealing to sailors in

the Caribbean for information.


Alleyne – known as Captain Sam – and his wife Sharon Went Alleyne haven’t been

heard from since sailing their yacht Serenity from Barbados, en route to St



Serenity is a 47ft fiberglass sloop with a white hull, teak deck and a light

blue bimini.


contact was 2pm on 25 October. But daughter Tao Alleyne, from Wales, said a

strange voicemail came in to one if the docks phones at 3:15pm Sunday. In that

voicemail, there was only the sound of wind blowing and water lapping. We don’t

know what that means.


Alleyne appealed on Facebook: ‘Friends in the Caribbean! Please if you hear of anything

or see anything or can do anything please please let us know!


siblings and I are grateful for any and all help! My parents were caught in a

storm and there’s a possibility they’ve been thrown off course and are just

drifting so please keep an ear out regardless of where you are in the island chain.


yacht is 47ft and is called The Serenity. They only have VHS, no GPS or AIS.’


and Barbados sent out search and rescue planes from the evening of 26 October.


Lucia marine police have also joined in the search.

Tao added: ‘We

believe the boat had engine trouble and they’ve lost power. No one has been

able to raise them on VHF, sadly their only form of comm.


both have iPhones, and we have explored their GPS option also, sadly, it only

works if the phones are on, which they are not.


Nicola Shepherd said: ‘My dad Arthur and my stepmother Sharon have been missing

at sea since Saturday.


were sailing from St Lucia to Barbados, an easy sail and one my dad has

possibly done hundreds of times.


from Barbados, St Lucia and Martinique have been ongoing with no sightings so

far. My siblings and I are now appealing for anyone in any surrounding islands

with access to boats, light aircraft or helicopters to join in the search. Our

hope is that the yacht may be drifting.


thank you all for any assistance that you may be able to offer.’