Lifeboats deliver around the UK

With the delivery drive growing ever bigger, and less snow than in recent years causing problems for reindeer, Santa called on stalwart RNLI volunteers to help in the gift-giving run-up to Christmas 2011.

Quite used to giving their services whenever most needed, the lifeboat crews stepped up to the task right around the UK throughout December. In fact, so busy were the lifeboats in their Santa-related activities, one might have thought there was more than one Santa Claus out and about.

From the East Coast to the far South West and across to Ireland, RNLI lifeboats delivered Santa and his presents. In one extraordinary case near Chepstow, a watery mirage even saw multiple Santas spotted down in diving kits – although who was getting those gifts remains a watertight secret.

Thankfully, December 2011 has seen less emergency rescue activity than usual for the RNLI. Despite a few stormy spells – and indeed some tragedy – lifeboat crews around the British Isles have so far been spared the worst of what winter has thrown in recent years, as ever-improving weather forecasts do seem to have kept most leisure sailors sensibly and safely on land when it’s bad out there.

So let’s hope that Santa gets a good rest after such a hectic festive period – and that lifeboat crews can enjoy Christmas with their families without being called out to any dramas at sea this year.


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