Potential site 10m south of St Albans Head

Plans are being drawn up for the construction of a £175 million wind farm south of Poole Bay.

As part of round three of its renewable energy programme, the Crown Estate has identified a site west of the Isle of Wight as the potential location for a wind farm. It is thought that up to 100 turbines could be located around 10 miles offshore and plans are said to be “well advanced”.

Richard Lacey, chairman of Poole Harbour Commissioners board, told the Bournemouth Echo that they had not been notified.

He said: “We would expect to be a consultee on proposals that major. While we don’t have jurisdiction as such, plans that have any effect on lanes coming in and out of the port is something we would make comment on.”

A Crown Estate spokeswoman said no decisions had been made and no announcements were due until the summer.

She added: “There’s nothing really to say at this stage. Everything is subject to the developers’ research. We cannot say where the site will be and how big. The zones we have identified are quite large and we think that within the zones, there’s potential to build at least one wind farm in each.”

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Image: Bournemouth Echo