There is a 'real risk of being attacked and pirated for ransom' along the east coast of Africa off Somalia

A piracy warning has been issued to all sailing yachts to stay out of the ‘High Risk Area’ around the east coast of Africa.

The Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), in cooperation with NATO, CMF, UKMT and MARLO has published its latest bulletin regarding piracy in the east coast of Africa off Somalia.

The message aims to warn all sailing yachts under their own passage to continue to remain out of the High Risk Area or face the real risk of being attacked and pirated for ransom.

Although piracy is often seen as a problem of the past, associating images of the skulls and crossbones flag with galleons of gold and cut-throat villans, it has rapidly become an issue of today.

Since the 1970’s, piracy has steadily been on the increase around the world and has today reached a level which cannot be ignored.

In 1983, the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), reviewed the situation concerning piracy.

Legal problems encountered were such that attacks in a home port or within Territorial waters were not considered Acts of Piracy and were subject to treatment by local law as armed robbery.

This led to the establishment of ‘Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships’ as a work in progress amongst the concerned IMO committee’s.

Piracy and armed robery against yachts continue to be a hazard in some parts of the World.

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