Pages and pages of jokes... some are even half decent

Taking the rough with the smooth and cracking jokes in the bar afterwards may not be your idea of a weekend’s cruising – but strangely there seems to be a whole website dedicated to creating and then sharing such “humour”.

It’s probably already on your toolbar favourites but just in case not, the link to is below.

The seasoned sailors amongst you will undoubtedly already know the one about the difference between motorboat and yacht compasses, but if not… here goes.
(thanks to user WinterSucks from the great state of Maine, USA)

Man #1: You know those compases, how they say one type is for sailing boats and the other for motor boats?
Man #2: Yah
Man #1: Well, what’s the difference, motor boat less accurate or something?
Man #2: No, you can’t drink the motor boat one, they add stuff to alcohol in them, to dampen the motion.
Man #1: That’s good to know


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