The new PBO project boat is en route to England from Australia – in pieces of plywood, timber and epoxy.

Following the restoration of a Snapdragon 23 wreck into a smart cruiser, PBO editor David Pugh and deputy editor Ben Meakins are challenging themselves to build a boat from a kit.

This morning, the Scruffie Marine team in Queensland shared this photo of the Secret 20, packed up and ready to begin its journey of some 11,500 nautical miles.

A spokesman for Scruffie Marine said: ‘A Practical Project on its way!

‘The journey begins for the Secret 20 kit – she’s packed and perfect and ready for the team at Practical Boat Owner – she’s down at the docks, awaiting her passage to England.

‘Here she is leaving the yard – Derek’s offsider Lee was in charge of straps and knots!’

Secret PBO kit. Credit:

Secret PBO kit leaves Scruffie Marine in Australia en route for England. Credit:

Ben said: ‘Ever since I did some research for a feature on kit boats back in 2009, one boat had stayed in my mind as something I’d like to have a crack at one day.

‘That was the Secret 20 (pictured below), a sweet-looking modern gaff-rigged cutter with a surprising turn of speed. Her designer describes her as halfway between a Sydney Harbour skiff and an Essex smack!

‘She has a large cockpit, a simple cabin, a clever outboard well, and the kit itself is intriguing, the frame slotting together to form a lightweight, rigid structure with minimal fuss.’

Secret 20

Secret 20

The PBO garage in Poole, Dorset has been cleared out and painted in anticipation of its new arrival.

You’ll be able to follow our progress in PBO and online – watch this space.