A single-handed sailor transmitted a Mayday call when his yacht ran aground on Bognor Rocks and he feared it holed and at risk of sinking.

Littlehampton RNLI’s D Class lifeboat Ray of Hope responded to the call at 5.07pm yesterday evening with three volunteer crew aboard and headed out on a spring tide just before low water towards the casualty.

Yacht rescued after running aground on Bognor Rocks. Credit: Littlehampton RNLI/Rob Devo

Credit: Littlehampton RNLI/Rob Devo

A lifeboat volunteer spokesman said: ‘The single-handed sailor had transmitted the call, anticipating the genuine risk of the vessel being holed, with the further possibility of it sinking.

‘At the scene the lifeboat had to be carefully manoeuvred through the dangerous rocks to reach the casualty vessel. The lifeboat came alongside the casualty and crewman Rob Devo was transferred to the vessel and a tow line was rigged in preparation for its recovery.

‘Once the rising tide had reached a suitable depth, the lifeboat started to slowly tow the yacht out of the rocks. The lifeboat and its tow returned to Littlehampton, where the yacht was secured at Town Quay at 8.30pm. The lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for service.’