Welsh Guild makes an urgent appeal for new members

Volunteers for the Beaumaris Lifeboat Guild in Wales are making an urgent appeal for new members to join up. The 55 year-old group has a tradition of running successful fund-raising campaigns, collecting in the region of £25,000 annually for the RNLI; mainly through selling souvenirs at the club’s Menai Strait boathouse.

Despite this, the committee members need ‘new blood’, as at present they have only a dozen members. Guild secretary Valerie Wakefield said that they needed people with time on their hands to come forwards, as:

‘it is getting increasingly difficult to find people who are willing to join the committee. Present members are getting older – one is 96 – and although still enthusiastic and a great supporter of the guild she is limited as to what she can do.
We would hate for the guild to struggle to continue. Beaumaris has a long and proud history with the lifeboat service.’

For further details or to get involved contact Valerie Wakefield on 01248 811 375