The Liverpool and Crosby Coastguard team was tasked following reports of a large seal on the beach at Formby, which had a crowd of people around it.

After a short search of the area the seal was located, however, there was no sign of any people near it.

After establishing that the seal was not in distress the coastguard team returned to station.

Please see the following guidance from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue website:

If you find a live seal

Watch it from a distance. Do not approach the animal.

Seals regularly haul out on our coasts – it is part of their normal behaviour and in fact they spend more time out of the water, digesting their food and resting. Therefore, finding a seal on the beach does not mean there is necessarily a problem and they should not be chased back into the sea as this may stop them from doing what they need to do – rest.

A healthy seal should be left well alone.

After stormy weather and High tides, it is usual for seals to come out onto beaches to rest and re-gather their strength. Many do not need first aid.