Coastguards deal with tombstoning youths and pressure-sick divers

Portland coastguard had to deal with reckless youths ‘tombstoning’ into the sea yesterday afternoon. Three local boys were caught jumping off Pulpit Rock and were warned of the dangers.

In Weymouth, on the same day, a diving club leader alerted rescuers after a member of his team displayed symptoms of decompression sickness. The 46-year-old man was taken to Poole for recompression treatment.

In Lyme Bay, meanwhile, two divers had to be rescued after making a rapid ascent and missing all their stops. The casualties were airlifted to Poole by coastguard helicopter, then taken to the recompression chamber.

Coastguards were alerted again when the angling vessel Espadon, with four crew, stopped south of Portland Bill. The crew managed to change the battery and the vessel returned safely to Weymouth.