Competition attracts poignant images of life on board ship during war and peace

As the Christmas holiday continues, we should spare a thought for those whose relatives are in active service and unable to return home for the festivities.

To bring some Yuletide warmth to sailors and their families, Wood’s 100 Old Navy Rum has curated an online gallery of vintage images of Christmas at Sea from naval personnel, past and present.

Comprising celebratory snaps from the Sixties alongside more poignant images during wartime – the collection highlights life on board ship during the Christmas period. The competition has attracted around 100 entries which were whittled down to 15 of the most poignant or charming images.

Some of the images showcase the popular tradition of making the youngest member on board the captain for the day while others reveal the contrast between the raucous festivities and the more formal celebrations of times gone by.

The complete shortlist of entries can be seen online at