An ARC Channel Islands Rally Seminar will be held at Chichester Yacht Club on Saturday 30 April, 2016.

Taking place from 10am to 4pm, the one-day preparation seminar will cover areas important for completing a channel crossing as well as information for cruising around the Channel Islands and guidance on how to prepare boat and crew for the cruise, as well as reminders of best practice for safe sailing.

In addition to the team from World Cruising Club, Roger Seymour, senior instructor from Hamble School of Yachting, will be presenting at the seminar. Roger will also be the skipper of the rally’s lead boat, provided by Hamble School of Yachting during week long Channel Islands Rally.

Seminar topics will include: route overview and ports visited; Basic passage planning , including options in emergencies; Watch keeping – food, night sailing; Hazards on the route include Channel TSZ; Tides around the Channel Islands; Radio procedure; Dealing with problems at sea; Sources of weather; What to include in a safety brief to crew; Recommended safety equipment; MoB tips; Things you should know as a Channel cruiser – overview of skills needed and further training recommendations.

Jeremy Wyatt, WCC communications director, said: ‘So far we’ve got at least 10 boats attending. It’s also open to people who aren’t on the rally, who want to learn about cruising the Channel Islands.

‘We’re hoping to encourage people to come by boat.’

ARC Channel Islands Rally map

ARC Channel Islands Rally map

This summer’s ARC Channel Islands rally, taking place from 20 to 27 August 2016, is already fully subscribed with 25 boats signed up and five more on the waiting list.

It is being run by World Cruising Club (WCC) in association with the Royal Yachting Association’s Active Marina and with the support of Hamble School of Yachting and Practical Boat Owner magazine.

Jeremy added: ‘We’ve got an interesting mix of people taking part in the rally. Some people who like the crack of sailing in a group, one chap who’s sailed two ways across the Atlantic who wants to introduce his grandchildren to sailing, another chap who wants to build up his wife’s sailing confidence by doing the cross-Channel cruise in company.

‘It’s nice we’ve attracted quite a cross section.’

The seminar is open to non-rally participants and costs £45 including lunch and coffees.