Antony Gormley‘s new LAND project celebrates 50 years of the Landmark Trust

Four coastal areas around the UK have been chosen among five sites for new sculptures by Angel of the North creator Antony Gormley.

The art installation project to mark The Landmark Trust’s 50th year will see the five sculptures installed between May 2015 and May 2016 at:

LAND comprises five distinct
life-size standing sculptures by Antony Gormley cast in iron and installed at
five Landmark Trust sites personally selected by the artist:

Martello Tower,
Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Clavell Tower,
Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

Saddell Bay, Mull of
Kintyre, Scotland

Lengthsman’s Cottage,
Lowsonford, Warwickshire

Lundy Island, Bristol

Founded in 1965, the
Landmark Trust has rescued and restored almost 200 extraordinary buildings that
would otherwise have been lost and given them a safe, secure future by letting
them out for holidays to pay for their maintenance.

For its 50th anniversary,
Landmark sought to do something for everyone, not just for the 50,000 people
who stay in their buildings each year. LAND is the result.

The five life-size
vertical body-forms aim to add a point of focus to each location, being thoughtful
to their setting, encouraging visitors to contemplate the specific elemental
conditions of each site, and in the case of the four coastal locations, the
different qualities of the North Sea, the English Channel, the Kilbrannan
Sound, and the Bristol Channel.

Gormley said: ‘The challenge is
to make the verticality of each sculpture the focus, as a kind of rod or
conductor for thoughts and feelings that might arise at a site.

‘The sculptures
identify the place where a particular human body once stood and anyone could stand,
and in that respect they are open spaces empty of content and waiting for your

The sculptures will have full
public access and be free for everyone to enjoy.

Golden Weekend launch

The launch of LAND will
coincide with Landmark’s special Golden Weekend. On 16-17 May 2015, 25 Landmarks will open to

Anna Keay, director of The Landmark Trust, said: ‘We are hugely excited
to be working with Antony. He had the idea some years ago to join the British
Isles together in one installation and we are thrilled that Landmark can make
this idea a reality through our amazing sites.

‘We hope that the whole
nation will want to experience, enjoy, and of course, share their thoughts and
responses on LAND with us.’

Pictures: Lundy Island, Bristol

Studio casting for one of the LAND works. Credit: Antony Gormley Studio