Using double-wall vacuum technology, the Chilly’s Bottle is a reusable bottle that is promised to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours (or hot for 12 hours) whatever the weather.

The bottle is made from highgrade 304 stainless steel, both inside and out.

It has a screw-close lid for an airtight and leak-proof seal, designed to preserve flavour and freshness while ensuring there’s no condensation.

Available in three sizes: 750ml (£22.99); 500ml (£18.98) and 260ml (£14.99).

Accessories include a bottle brush (£7.99).



In the kind of heat we’re experiencing at the time of writing, not even Miles Davis could stay cool for 24 hours straight. Ideal conditions, therefore, to test the claim that a Chilly’s Bottle will keep your water cold for the best part of those 24 hours.

So, on a Saturday morning at 11am, we three-quarter-filled the bottle with cold tap water and topped it up with crushed ice, then sealed the bottle and assumed the posture of Rodin’s Thinker. The next morning, we set off for a walk in humidity so punitive that merely moving an eyeball touched off a sweat tsunami, and opened the bottle at 10.45am.

True, the ice had melted, but the water was still gratifyingly cold: so cold, in fact, that one of my fillings lodged a brief but vivid protest.

Warmly (or coldly?) recommended – even if tipping the remainder of the freezing water over your own head is a better idea on paper than in actuality.


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