Simple kitchen item is best to keep in your kit

Keep a roll of cling film in your first aid kit – it’s perfect to cover burns with.

The Patient UK website says: ‘Cling film is ideal to cover a burn as is sterile, as long as the first
few centimetres are thrown away and not used. Also, it also does not
stick to skin, a doctor can see through it to assess the burn, it is
protective, and it is soothing. A clear plastic bag is an alternative if
no cling film is available. Leave cling film on until seen by a doctor
or nurse. Important: apply cling film in layers rather than round
like a bandage to prevent it causing pressure if the burnt area swells.
So, for example, never wrap cling film round and round a burt arm or
leg. A burnt hand can be put into a loosely fitting clear plastic bag.’

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