Laura Hodgetts

Features editor

Kent Fire and Rescue Service

A man in his 50’s has been taken to hospital believed to be suffering with flash burns and hypothermia, following a boat fire off St Mary’s Island, Chatham Maritime, on…

Rolling waves as seen from ARC yacht Skyelark

"This funding could result in longer lasting wave converters that are better able to harness the power of the sea and more efficiently turn it into renewable energy"

Stewart Brown celebrates the past and maps out the future of Drascombe as they celebrate 50 years of business at the the London Boat Show 2017. Credit: onEdition

The London Boat Show kicks off the 2017 boating calendar, showcasing what the global sailing and marine world has to offer, with close to 400 boats on display.

Jeanne Socrates

British yachtswoman Jeanne Socrates still has her sights set on becoming the the oldest person to sail non-stop, solo and unassisted around the world, despite having to wait until September…

London Boat Show 2016. Credit onEdition 2016

Dame Ellen MacArthur, Olympic champion and World Sailor of the Year Saskia Clark and yachtswoman Dee Caffari are among the many big name guests confirmed for this year’s London Boat…