Gilbert Park

Gilbert Park

Gilbert has been sailing in various craft for much of his life. For the past few years it has been motorboats.

Having done the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course and gone straight into the first lockdown he decided it was time to slow down and travel at 6 knots most of the time.

This allowed him to take sights and also make tea and bake bread underway instead of having to sit in the helm seat and hang on. Much more relaxing!

A woman wearing a red jacket and a lifejacket talking into a VHF radio on a boat

Seasoned boat owner Gilbert Park shares his tips for making your time on the water as safe and stress free as possible

Diagram of marine safety equipment

Having the right safety kit for watersports is essential. I kayak every day and I also have a small motorboat which I use for coastal sailing. Often I sail alone,…