PBO Summer 2016 cover

Man overboard!: Top techniques to get your crew back safely

PBO TESTED – Infrared cameras: Can a £180 iPhone add-on find an MOB at night?

Marina visitors’ guide: Family cruisers from 31-33ft

FIRST TEST! New collision avoidance software: Raymarine Lighthouse R17 AIS tested

Mods for single-handers: Practical ways to make a yacht easier to handle on your own

Adding extra keel bolts: Creating keel strength by adding more through-hull securing bolts

Make your own storm anchor: The DIY approach to fabricating a big anchor for little money

Five washdown pumps compared: Salt water pumps for hosing your decks

From racer to cruiser: Can you turn a racing yacht into a cruiser that can still win on the race course?

Stormy seas rudder loss: A PBO reader copes with sudden loss of steerage in rough weather off Brittany…

How to paint your topsides: All the advice you need to get a great paint finish on your boat

Thicken a rope: Splicing techniques to stop rope slippage in a clutch

Make a simple cutless bearing puller: PLUS reader tips for a Velcro engine panel cover and easy instrument stand

Fix sticky blocks and tracks: How to keep deck gear running freely

Euro cruisers: Built in Europe: 31-33ft cruising yachts that are big in Britain

Nimbus 310 motor cruiser: Comfort and adaptability are the hallmarks of this Scandinavian cruiser

Norfolk’s ‘lost’ wherry: Tale of the Norfolk wherry Ardea, rediscovered after 50 years in Europe

Rock of the Med: Tips for visiting Gibraltar


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‘Mad about the Boat’ columnist Dave Selby: A whacking great outlay

Columnist Sam Llewellyn: The games people play

Monthly musings from Andrew Simpson: A fresh fruit wake-up call

PBO products and services: Books and plans from the PBO Shop

News: New powers to strengthen coastal security, red diesel reminder… and more

Regional news: Caledonian Canal marina plans revised, marine ‘larder’ discovered… and more

Readers’ letters: Your views

Ask the experts: Lifejackets for children, a split teak toerail and more reader queries answered

New gear: PBO looks at the latest marine products