PBO June 2017 cover

Who gives way?: Advice for cruising near a racing fleet

20 lifesaving alternatives: Is a lifejacket the best option?

Illingworth & Primrose designs: Proof that if a boat looks right, it probably is right

PBO tested – Paintbrushes: Tested for finish and minimum bristle loss

Servicing an outboard gearbox: Carrying out maintenance on small outboard motors

Dinghy design by iteration: A reader finesses the construction of a dinghy over the course of four attempts

PBO Project Boat 2 – Adding hull sides: The Secret 20 gains 6mm ply hull panels

View from the boatyard: A new series of observations from Southwold Boatyard: this month, chainplate shortcomings

Keeping new crew happy: Encouraging newcomers aboard – and keeping them coming back

Spækhuggers in the Canaries: Denmark’s best-kept secret

The Deben to Leigh-on-Sea: Part one of Richard Hare’s Thames Estuary odyssey

Travels of a hobo: A reader sails an uninsured, un-surveyed Raven 26 from New Zealand to Fiji

How to improve hatch fittings: PLUS more reader projects and tips

Leech, roach and batten snagging: Hints and tips from the PBO Sketchbook

Beyond the invisible blue line: From Tonga to New Zealand on the Blue Water Rally

Castlebay charm: Step into a different world on the isle of Barra


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‘Mad about the Boat’ columnist Dave Selby: A technical knockout

Columnist Sam Llewellyn: Impeccable handling

Monthly musings from Andrew Simpson: Statistically speaking…

PBO products and services: Books and plans from the PBO shop

New regular chandlery offers

News: Brexit: what happens next… and more

Regional news: Tragic loss of helicopter crew… and more

New regular chandlery offers

Readers’ letters: Your views

Ask the experts: Venting a diesel fuel tank, treating topsides… and more

New gear: PBO looks at the latest marine products

Restoring a fireball

Torie Morley and Toby Hamer realise a burning ambition to restore a Fireball dinghy– and reveal how Skunk earned her…

Build a boat from a kit

There’s a great way to own a new boat on a budget – build it yourself. We followed five builders…