PBO January 2016 cover

The great UK antifouling showdown: The biggest and most in-depth test of antifouling paints ever carried out by a magazine in the UK saw us test 20 paints in 13 locations around Britain – which works best where you keep your boat?

Winter on the water: Tips to extend your sailing season

How to fit port light seals: Replacing the old, perished rubber

PBO Project Boat: Fitting an alternator…and fixing a solar panel


How lifejackets are made and tested: A visit to the SeaSafe factory for the company’s golden anniversary year

Identify cetaceans: How to tell your killer whales from your harbour porpoises

The Bavaria story: A look at key models in the German firm’s boatbuilding history

A Saronic and Argolic odyssey: Cruising the Saronic and Argolic gulfs

PBO Tested – Trailable, sailable, saleable: The Kite and RTC 22

The jury’s out!: Improvising a jury rudder from a headboard

Warp factor nil: Calamity for the want of a boat hook

Living the high life?: Trials, traumas and triumphs of living aboard in New Zealand boatyards

Replacing hull fastenings: …without damaging the plank

Filling a grease gun: A clean and efficient method

Condenser cooling in the Med: … and keeping boat bedding aired, PLUS more reader projects and tips

Supporting your back on the boat: Hints and tips from the PBO Sketchbook

Canny Canna: A handy stop-off en route to or from Skye

London Boat Show 2016: Highlights to look out for at this year’s show


Waiting for the tide: PBO editor David Pugh welcomes you to the magazine – sign up for David’s free monthly e-newsletter at: http://emails.timeincuk.co.uk/YBW_webcross

‘Mad about the Boat’ columnist Dave Selby: Gracing us with their presents

Columnist Sam Llewellyn: Assume the recovery position

Monthly musings from Andrew Simpson: Is seeing believing?

PBO products and services: Books and plans from the PBO Shop

News: Portable generators warning, DIY antifouling survey meeting date… and more

Regional news: Visitor berth plans for Oban, Royal Dee Yacht Club bicentenary… and more

Readers’ letters: Your views

Ask the experts: Dismantling sheet winches, adding ballast to a 5.5m (18ft) day boat, plus more reader queries answered

New gear: PBO looks at the latest marine products