A boat for life – Used boats review
Peter Poland examines the 27-30ft twin-keelers that have stood the test of time and long-term ownership

How to sell your boat
Time to upgrade or downsize? Rupert Holmes on how to avoid common pitfalls and make the most from your sale

Into the black – North Sea navigation and cruising
Night passages in the North Sea can be a daunting experience for new crew, as Michelle Segrest discovers

Cetaceans of UK waters
Genevieve Leaper offers expert advice on how to identify the dolphins, porpoises or whales commonly seen around the coast

Clockwise round Ireland
Peter Wright embarks on a clockwise cruise around the emerald isle in his 30ft Beneteau motorboat

Torpedo on the hook
Edi Keck drags up an old Soviet torpedo on his boat’s anchor – and lives to tell the tale

Atlantic crossings
Ali Wood meets four crews at different stages in their lives as they prepare for the ARC Atlantic crossing

Essential safety gear guide
Rupert Holmes asks: what kit really is essential for coastal cruising or river and harbour pottering?

Practical features, DIY ideas and gear tests

How to test a DSC radio
Gilbert Park on how to check the DSC function on your VHF is working

The cast for (and against) electric toilets for boats
Jake Kavanagh looks at the equipment and installation options available to budget conscious boat owners

Tried & tested: Knox anchor
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Tried & tested: Fix n Zip solution to broken zip repair
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Tank troubles
Vyv Cox on the faulty fuel gauge inside his stainless-steel fuel tank that highlighted a potentially bigger problem

Using woodworking machines – part 2
Tony Davies on how inexpensive tools can help your boatbuilding skills (see both parts of the article online: www.pbo.co.uk/woodworking_tools)