Four people and a cat rescued off Cape Verdes

The crew of a yacht sinking off the Cape Verde Islands on Sunday evening were rescued by a ship of the British Antarctic Survey.

The RRS James Clark Ross (JCR) was en route home to Britain, from scientific work in Antarctica, when she was alerted at 1130 local time (1330 BST) by the Moroccan Coastguard that the Ex-Africa needed rescue. The stricken yacht was taking on water after sustaining damage to her propeller and rigging.

The JCR reached the Ex-Africa within six hours, as she was sinking, and took the three Britons, one South African and a cat on board. The lost yacht’s crew will remain on board the research vessel until it reaches Portland, Dorset around 24 May. All are safe and well.

RRS James Clark
is one of two ice-strengthened
vessels used by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to undertake world-leading scientific research. BAS has over 450
staff and operates five research stations, two Royal Research Ships and five
aircraft in and around Antarctica.

Photo: Simon Wright, BAS


Ed: Thank you to those who informed us we originally gave the wrong name for the yacht. Our sources got back to us with a correction to their information, now reflected in this article.