Confused yachtsman asks for directions


A lifeboat has towed a small yacht ashore, after the disorientated skipper approached a wind farm work boat and asked ‘which way to Hull?’.

The skipper of the workboat, named ECC Opal from Sheringham Wind Farm, contacted Yarmouth Coastguard at 0323 yesterday morning, following the yacht’s quest for directions.

The yacht did not have a VHF, charts or a GPS on board and the rescuing lifeboat crew said the skipper had become disorientated, which they attributed to tiredness.

The Cromer lifeboat passed the yacht, which was attempting to sail from Great Yarmouth to Hull (pictured), onto the Wells inshore lifeboat that continued the tow into Great Yarmouth.

Dave Moore, Yarmouth Coastguard’s watch officer, said: ‘This incident was the third in the last few weeks involving recently purchased craft that were inadequately prepared for the sea.

‘People get over enthusiastic with their new purchase and often overestimate their ability and underestimate possible dangers.’

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