500lb (226kg) thresher, caught just five miles off St Catherine's Point - Cowes Weekers beware...

In the wake of the St Ives ‘Great White’ that may or may not have been, comes video evidence of one of the biggest sharks ever caught in UK waters – caught and released just five miles south of St Catherine’s Point, Isle of Wight.

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58-year-old Danny Vokins of Bembridge, who has been a shark chaser for 30 years, spent two hours reeling in the 14ft (4.26m) 500lb (226kg) thresher shark on Sunday.

The fisherman then tagged the shark and released it back into the sea, denying himself the possiblity of breaking the record. He told reporters: “I am not about killing sharks, there’s not enough of them in the ocean, so I am not bothered about any record.”