Two excellent videos, as promised in PBO's January 2011 issue, of dolphins galore and a manic lift-in day

In January’s Waiting for the Tide, PBO Editor Sarah Norbury writes: Last year I told how my local sailing club laid up 23 members’ boats by hiring a crane and working together as a team. But our total pales beside that of a club 20 miles along the coast. Pete Warren of Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club in beautiful Chichester Harbour emailed me to say: ‘After a 7.45am start on a wintry saturday I have just returned home after a long day’s lifting out, not helped by a hailstorm in the middle. Our tally is 57 boats and one old pontoon that needed lifting out to tbe broken up. Do we get bragging rights?’

Yes, I think we can say Mengeham Rythe hold the record, until someone tells us differently.

Below is a great video of MRSC’s lift in in Spring 2010, sped up and with sound.

Double click on the video to see it bigger, or click the ‘full screen’ icon in the bottom right corner.

Also in the January 2011 issue, Huw Mundy describes a delivery trip from Bangor to Cardiff in the depths of winter. Huw and crew were entertained by a huge pod of dolphins en route. You can see the exciting video below.