Two people were rescued and a sinking yacht saved off Dorset’s Jurassic Coast this morning.

Both Swanage lifeboats sprang into action this morning after Solent Coastguard received a call from an 8m yacht with two people on board that was sinking just to the North of Old Harry Rocks.

The yacht’s pump was unable to cope with the ingress of water and they needed immediate assistance.

A Swanage RNLI lifeboat spokesman said: ‘Both lifeboats launched and headed to the scene at full speed. The inshore lifeboat was the first to arrive, they put a crewmember aboard to assess the situation and reassure the yacht’s crew.

‘The all weather lifeboat arrived shortly after and transferred two more crew and the lifeboat’s powerful salvage pump aboard. The pump was rigged and it soon began to reduce the water level inside the boat.

‘The yacht was then taken in tow and the yacht’s crew were put aboard the lifeboat.

‘Slow progress was then made towards Poole Harbour and the inshore lifeboat was released to return station. An emergency lift was arranged at Salterns Boatyard and once the lifeboat was just outside Salterns Marina the yacht and its crew were handed over to the marina launch which towed the boat in to the marina to be hauled out.’