Poole's much-delayed second lifting bridge lifts off at last

The new lifting bridge at Poole Harbour opened to road traffic quietly this morning, after setbacks held the opening back for more than a month.

Parties and ceremonies have already taken place, scheduled in long before technical hitches forced one delay after another.

A visit from HRH the Princess Royal went ahead last month only hours after a 2m section of road surface from one of the lifting bridge’s leaves fell off.

The eventual opening went ahead unheralded just after rush hour this morning, since when road traffic has been light, the grim weather also keeping pedestrian traffic to a minimum.

The new bridge is the ‘crown’ in a multi-million pound scheme aimed at improving traffic flows and links across the harbour.

Reaction amongst boat owners has been mixed, with berth-holders upstream from the bridges particularly concerned amid claims that waiting times between the bridges at certain times will be unacceptably long. Further concerns surround the ability of smaller boats to hold station in the strong currents that may be experienced, and density of vessel traffic at peak times.

Timetables for the bridge lifts can be downloaded here, plus an amended timetable specific to the Easter period here.

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