The final Act of the 32nd America's Cup race starts today, 3 April.

The final Act of the world’s most revered race starts today, 3 April. The 13th and final Act of the 32nd America’s Cup race, featuring the defending champion and 11 challengers, takes place in Valencia, Spain. The Acts are the preliminary races before the finals and this one lasts until 6 April, after which the Swiss defender, Alinghi, trains on its own, whilst the challengers battle for the Louis Vuitton Cup. From here will follow the Round Robin race, semi-finals, and then the finals. Meaning the following days are your last chance to view all 12 teams competing.

The America’s Cup race is the most respected and prestigious regatta in yachting sports, with a trophy which predates the Olympics by 45 years, making it the oldest still-active trophy. Heightening local interest in the race is the fact that this is the first time in over 150 years that the race has been held in Europe. The race teams are an eclectic international mixture, including South Africa, Sweden and China, along with some teams which have a blend of different nationals on board sailing under a single flag; unfortunately there is no team flying great Britain’s colours.

The next few days promises to be interesting, and those eager to follow this race through to the end should make a note of 16 April, when the Round Robins will begin.

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