Team EADS Innovation takes victory in gruelling Three Peaks Yacht Race

EADS Innovation has won the 2009 PowerBar Three Peaks Yacht Race with a time of four days, fourteen hours and thirty minutes. They crossed the line at 8:40 this morning (Thursday). No other teams have finished yet.

Four teams in total besides EADS Innovation (Team Isle of Man, Hazard Chase, Nunatak and Ulula) are in Fort William with runners on mountain at the moment.

Team Isle of Man are currently lying second in the race, however they may be unranked after running aground on an unmarked rock near Lismore and having to be pulled off by a RIB from Lochaber Watersports. The crew immediately informed the Race Director of this, but it is not yet known how the incident will affect the race result.

EADS Innovation’s crew reported that they’d had a strong wind to blow them through the Corran Narrows, but that this had died off soon afterwards. Team member Gary Clayton said that they had been rowing ‘for ever’.

For the full results live: