Wanda Group is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Sunseeker Group

Sunseeker has announced that, after five years’ service Stewart McIntyre

is stepping down as Managing Director.

He will

leave the group at the end of July 2014, to pursue other


In August 2013, Wanda Group acquired 91.81%

of shares in Sunseeker International Limited.

Wanda Group, owned by billionaire Wang Jianlin, who was named China’s

richest person by Forbes Magazine in 2013, is a Beijing headquartered

conglomerate with commercial properties,

culture & entertainments, luxury hotels and department stores across China, Europe and the US.


2013, the company had total assets of USD$62.8billion and has been ambitious

in global expansion in recent years.


Group has now formed a special board committee with

responsibility for the selection and appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the

Sunseeker Group.

Sunseeker will also be appointing two

independent non-executive directors to strengthen Sunseeker’s operating

model and to bring further strategic expertise to the Sunseeker Board

and thereby ensure the continued future success of Sunseeker’s business

and its global brand.

In the interim, Wanda Group has endorsed the appointment of Robert

Braithwaite CBE as Acting President of Sunseeker.

Mr Braithwaite, who founded Sunseeker in 1968, will now work alongside Sunseeker’s Executive Team and

Wanda Group’s post merger integration team, who will manage the

business, pending the appointment of a new CEO.

‘Not just a boat manufacturer’

Robert Braithwaite, on behalf of the executive team, said ‘Sunseeker

is not just a boat manufacturer; it is a family and a global brand.


are proud of our heritage, but as a company, Sunseeker has never stood

still and we will work very hard together with Wanda Group to further

strengthen our leading market position, through cutting edge innovation,

world class services and a global distribution network.

‘We have huge

confidence that the team in Poole, as well as the wider distributor and

supplier network, will pull together as a team to take Sunseeker forward

to a successful future.’

Sunseeker launched its flagship 155 Yacht (the

largest private motor yacht built in the UK) in April 2014 and will soon be ‘announcing a

market leading new model program for 2015 and beyond’.

Pictures: Stewart McIntyre; Robert Braithwaite with F1 mogul Eddie Jordan; the 155 launch