Pete Goss and crew making slow progress to Melbourne

Pete Goss and his family crew on board the replica Mounts Bay Lugger Spirit of Mystery are making slow progress towards Melbourne as they wait – in a flat calm – for heavy weather approaching from the east.

Goss and his crew are following in the footsteps of seven Cornishmen who sailed their lugger, Mystery to Australia in 1854 to take part ini the Gold Rush.

Pete explains the situation: ‘Well I never thought I would be in shorts and flat becalmed a week out of Simons Town but that is the state of play this afternoon. Poor old Spirit of Mystery is wallowing about in a confused and lumpy sea as we wait for the weather to sort itself out. It would appear that we are to have a further day of calm followed, of all things, by blow from the easterly sector so progress is on hold for a few days. Indeed we may well go backwards for a bit.

It’s a bit of a shocker really as we had hoped, indeed, expected to be reeling the miles off for Melbourne. Still that’s the lot of a sailor and there is nothing we can do about it but keep spirits up and deal with things as they come along. In the meantime we have been working through the job list and making good for some rough weather.’

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