Traditional and modern boats in sailing festival

The 12th annual Sail Hebrides 2010 sailing festival finale is this Saturday, 17 July, to be held in the waters of Stornoway Harbour, the Outer Hebrides.

The day’s schedule – weather permitting – for the ‘friendly’ festival includes a rowing challenge, a Bermudan rig challenge and the the traditional dipping lug boat challenge, followed by the prize giving in the Sea Angling Club at 6pm.

The lug sail challenge will feature An Suilare and the 75-year-old The Jubilee. Both are community boats, so festival-goers are welcome on board to learn how these traditional boats are crewed.

Luggers include ‘Sgoth Niseach’ – Ness boats – traditional red-sailed line fishing boats local to the Isle of Lewis and the area of Ness.

Other boats appearing at the festival are a Falmouth working boat, a racing yacht and a Bermudan sloop.

The week-long event coincided with the Celtic Music Festival, mixing a programme of shore-based entertainment alongside maritime activities.

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