Students of the RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate Course now only need a classroom for the assessment

An online version of the RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate course is now available.
The SRC course, which launched this week at the London Boat Show, can be downloaded as an interactive app for PCs and MAC, with an iPad version coming online in February.

It requires a period of home learning using the RYA VHF Handbook before entering the classroom for a one-day course followed by an assessment.

Now anyone taking the course can choose to take the course online; only going into the classroom for the assessment. It can be completed at your own pace, but as with the classroom course it is designed to cover 10 hours of learning.

Craig Burton, RYA training resources manager, said: ‘We have pushed the boundaries of e-learning taking this course online because it ties together aspects of computer hardware; the voice recorder and playback, with accessible online content.

‘Students download the course and learn how to use a marine radio with interactive scenarios. They can practice by making and recording radio calls and then listening to hear how they sound.

‘Progress is tracked by synchronising the course when they go back online. They only need go into the classroom for the assessment.
‘Practising how you make a VHF call, particularly for an emergency situation is really important. You need to know and follow the correct protocol in order to be as clear as possible.’
The online course covers the same content as would be learnt in the classroom which includes learning about the marine radio, how it works, using the radio, GMDSS, distress calling, urgency and safety calling, rules and licensing.
Craig added: ‘Over 11,000 people are using RYA interactive courses to learn. This latest RYA course to go online will provide easy access and convenience for anyone who owns a fixed or handheld marine VHF radio.

‘A radio is an important piece of safety equipment on board and it is vital to understand the correct procedures.’

Visit to download the course from a RYA recognised training centre.